One thing I like to do is educate patients on dental issues they read or saw in a newspaper, magazine and news program. This week’s NY Times dental article has to do with dealing with a diastema. You can read the article here.

A diastema is a gap between teeth. People who have a diastema between their two front teeth are confronted with esthetic issues. Some people choose to fix their diastema while others like to leave it alone. I have no problems with keeping a diastema alone just as long as it wasn’t caused by periodontal issues. Some people do look good with a small gap (Madonna had a diastema that was noticeable) but I do find myself staring at ones that are Grand Canyon wide (think Michael Strahan the former NY Giant Defensive Back). But if a patient were to ask me to correct a diastema I need to know what caused the diastema and what are the options of treating it. For a lot of diastemas cosmetic bonding is not the solution because the gap is too wide. So braces have to be considered at that point and then what happens after the braces is another issue.

People with diastemas embrace your unique smile just remember to brush and do regular checkups at the dental office. If you saw or read any dental articles that you find interesting and want to share them with me you can email me at