Jane D. Valde
1415 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027
email: janevalde@yahoo.com

• Demonstrated achiever with knowledge of business practices and current dental techniques
• Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.
• Extensive computer training, including knowledge of business software packages.
• Always wanting to achieve more as knowledge grows.

Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco, CA 1997
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 1987

Career History & Accomplishments

Associate Dentist, GDV Dental Inc
• Perform functions of general dentistry including molar endodontics, surgical extractions, removable prothetics and pediatric dentistry.
• Performed cosmetic dentistry including veneers, zirconia/lava restorations, inn and implant crown restorations.
• Part-time manage office including bookkeeping, supervising team meetings.
• Assisted in planning office policies.
• Implemented and trained staff to dental management software.
• Designed advertising flyers, postcards, brochures and business cards
• Designed and programmed office website.
• Setup office computers and network.
• Traveled as a volunteer to humanitarian organizations in the Philippines and assisted with other medical people to help indigenous peoples.
• Ongoing growth of dental knowledge and advanced techniques and technology through continuing education classes.

Web Developer and Owner, Gilla Designs
• Created business websites
• Developed and designed web interfaces, layouts and site graphics
• Proficient in HTML, PHP, MySQL programming and Javascript coding
• Utilize Photoshop, Paint and other photo editor software to design images and animation for websites
• Worked with WordPress documents to design webpages
• Installed Paypal, automatic response email and online forms
• Performed quality control and testing of finished websites
• Samples of work include: www.giveandgostats.com, www.dayveeresortandhotel.com, www.javaldedds.com. To peruse Gilla Designs click here

Associate Dentist, Santa Monica Dental
• Perform functions of general dentist including molar endodontics, oral surgery crown and bridge, and removable prosthetics.
• Performed cosmetic dentistry including veneers, zirconia/lava restorations, valplast removable prosthetics and implant crown restorations.
• Guided patients through Invisalign treatments and delivered aligners.
• Discussed treatment plans with patients.
• Part time manage office and led team meetings.
• Trained dental assistants in improving techniques for RDAs.

Associate Clinical Instructor, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
• Supervised senior dental students in restorative dentistry at the clinic level.
• Explained to dental students and patients procedures and techniques.
• Problem solve with students and guided them through patient management and treatment plans.
• Graded students’ work during clinic exams.
• Guided students through proper technique regarding posture while performing dental procedure.

Associate Instructor, University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
• Supervised first year dental students in pre-clinical crown and bridge dentistry.
• Explained to dental students about procedures and techniques.
• Demonstrated to students on proper technique for proper tooth reduction, impression technique, pouring models, waxing restoration and seating restoration.
• Graded students’ work during practical exams.
• Guided students through proper technique regarding posture while performing dental procedure.

Business Owner, Hillsdale Dental Office
• Performed functions of general dentist including treatment planning and patient management.
• Responsible for daily operation of dental office including human resources, employee management, billing, bookkeeping, OSHA training and maintaining technology.
• Implemented current computer technology and dental technology to existing dental practice.
• Physically installed office network and internet connection.
• Trained staff on dental management software.
• Designed and wrote HTML for dental office website.

Associate Dentist, Towne Center Dental
• Performed functions of general dentist.
• Implemented modern techniques and trained staff.
• Communicated with supervisor regarding improving functions of office.
• Occasionally acted as liaison to specialists.

Associate Computer Analyst, UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
• Handled any IT questions among the staff and technical problems with computer equipment.
• Upgraded PCs and printers with either software or hardware such as memory cards.
• Used Focus mainframe database language for tracking and reporting eligibility of student applications.
• Wrote reports based on statistics of student applicant database.
• Used Access and FoxPro to design databases for tracking potential highschool student applicants.
• Assisted in data entry of applicant data when needed.
• Monitored bulk printing of reports, letters and statistics of applicant database.

Memberships & Affiliations

• California Dental Association
• Punjabi Dental Society
• National Association of Filipino Dentists in America

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