Parents always ask me when is a good time for orthodontics, or braces. First, a consultation is needed to assess the condition of the mouth and how much crowding and growth can be predicted.

Usually braces are placed when the child is just about to lose his baby molars (around 10-11 years old). This makes for better control and movement of the teeth and the child is more compliant socially to wear braces. Orthodontic treatment can start even younger to guide the growth of the child’s dentition. In some of these cases orthodontic treatment may result in two phases. Also as the child ages into his/her teen years it becomes harder to influence him/her to wear braces because of the social implications.

If you suspect crowding please contact your dental office for a consultation. Braces are not just to perfect a smile but well aligned teeth makes for a cleaner mouth because bacteria bugs don’t adhere to the teeth as much as in a crowded mouth.

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