As we get underway with the new year many people resolve to better their lives for the new year. Instead of dwelling on the past let’s look to the future when it comes to oral health. If you’ve already been hit with bad oral health, i.e. had a tooth pulled, cavities fixed and periodontal work done, etc., let’s move from there and look to a future filled with long lasting teeth.

If you’ve had a tooth pulled it’s not the end of the world. You can always replace the space with some sort of prosthetic to make you smile and function again. If you’ve had periodontal work just think of it as a step to make your teeth last longer in your mouth. If you’ve had cavities fixed then it’s a step in keeping your teeth functioning for a long time.

What’s important is to educate yourselves on the importance of keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. The mouth is the first to overall health. If you can’t eat you aren’t healthy. The condition of the gums can be the first indication of how healthy a person is.

So take a look at your teeth and decide how healthy you want to be in 2014. Take advantage of medical health programs if you don’t have insurance. Visit the dentist twice a year. ForĀ  a lot of dental practices they can work with you in terms of a payment plan if you can’t afford dental work or don’t have dental insurance. It’s more important to spend on your health than clothes, home accessories, or cake and ice cream. And that’s my two cents for the day.

Here’s to your health in 2014!