From the NY Times:

Tooth Abscess leads to the emergency room more than we think and sometimes it can lead to death. Read the full article here.

Emergency rooms are seeing an increase in patients with tooth pain. Tooth pain can easily be treated if caught early enough. Unfortunately patients especially those without dental insurance wait until the pain is unbearable or massive swelling occurs before they seek medical help. The fact that more people are willing to wait before seeking help raises serious questions regarding dental insurance and the cost of dental care. If you have dental insurance be grateful you have it and take advantage of it by staying healthy. If you don’t have dental insurance most dental offices can help with finances to cover the cost of emergency care. All you have to do is ask. Please be respectful for the work and training that dentists do to keep patients out of pain and honor your agreement with them if you do sign a financial contract. Plus keep a healthy lifestyle and regularly brush your teeth and get twice a year checkupsĀ  so that you don’t get into trouble with tooth pain.