Gummy Smile

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When you smile do you notice a lot of gum showing? You might have what dentists call a ‘gummy smile’. For some people a ‘gummy smile’ can bother their appearance. Gummy smiles can be due to short upper lip, hyperactive lip, short teeth or too much maxilla. Simple surgeries like a gingivectomy can reduce the amount of gums while increasing the length of the teeth to make the smile more natural. Orthodontics (braces) are also an option. Today more people are opting for botox injections to control the upper lip from smiling too much. To determine what’s best for you if you do have a ‘gummy smile’ talk to your dentist first to discuss treatment options.

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June Is Coming Which Means Weddings

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June is the most popular time for weddings. Most brides are excited that their wedding day is approaching. If you’re thinking of something to give as a wedding gift, why not give the bride a whitening procedure done at a dental office. They will appreciate it and their smile will look bright and beautiful for her wedding day.

Whitening teeth is the least expensive and least invasive procedure you can possibly do to aesthetically enhance your smile. Most whitening procedures done in the dental office can be completed in about an hour while a whitening procedure done at home takes a few days to complete. There are pros and cons to doing in-office or take home versions but the results can be fantastic.

For both methods, sensitivity is the number one side effect. The teeth are made of dentinal tubules (microscopic tubes that line the teeth and take in water and other environmental factors from the mouth). When a tooth goes through a whitening procedure the dentinal tubules are essentially scrubbed clean and the ends are opened up to let light in, thus the tooth looks whiter. However, since the ends are opened up, water and other stuff can get inside the tooth causing the tooth to become more sensitive than usual. If sensitivity is really bad patients should stop the whitening, rest and take ibuprofen. Patients can continue with the whitening but use a less concentrated whitening formula and the teeth should have less time contact time with the whitening gel.

I actually like the combination of whitening the teeth in the dental office with the take home method as a backup. The nice aspect of whitening at home is that the patient can control how much whitening he/she wants. It’s not as sensitive too because the whitening gels are less concentrated than the in-office gels. The in-office whitening procedure’s true advantage is that it’s fast and instant.

For brides and anyone else who wants to whiten their teeth be aware of the time involved in doing a whitening procedure. The ideal is to do the in-office procedure about a month from your wedding day and then do touch ups after a couple of weeks. Your smile will look fabulous. Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening and schedule an appointment for a beautiful smile.